Saturday, April 26, 2014

Summer lovin' tag

Hey beauties ! hope you're all enjoying spring my favourite season , i just love spring i automatically become more active i spring clean and reorganise everything get everything refreshed and back to life after being lazy all day during the winter cuddling with my cup of tea and watching movies don't we all ? because summer is right around the corner (super excited !!) i wanted to create a fun summer tag to sure with you some of my favourite little things ..

feel free to do this tag and post your link in the comments !

 1. favourite summer scent ?

this had to be Exotica by Roberto Cavali , it literally smells like summer paradise so summery and refreshing with a dash of fruit maybe a hint of floral , ahh so good !

2.favourite lip product ?

to avoid dry lips during the hot season i found my self reaching for this maybelline baby lips lip balm  in "pink punch" such a pretty pink and very moisturising .

3. favourite nail polish ?

i usually go for pastels on daily basis i feel like they are more settle and less attention drawing but its summer right !! aint the time for safe choices , I'm soo loving this nail polish by Sally Hansen in "Fuchsia power " 

4. favourite shades ?

Loving these shades by Aldo , very similar to the miu miu ones ! i really  wanted to try them and see if i can rock them because i really like the miu miu ones and i wasn't sure they would complement the shape of my face and i was right i do like the style but it doesn't complement my face at all I'm glad i tried these before splurging on the miu miu's .

5.favourite body moisturiser ?

I do however prefer body butters but for the summer i went for something a little lighter and a body cream which I'm liking so far by Victoria's secret i have another one but i don't like its formula its from a previous summer collection i found this one so much better and the scents lasts till like the end of the day (thumbs up to Victoria's secret for improving the products).

6. favourite body spray ?

body sprays are a must during summer (the only season i get to use them up :) its just keeps my body cooler i guess and refreshed thought the day I've been using the body spray tin the same scent with the body cream (I always match) in "Such a flirt" lovely scent i used to think all Victoria's secret scents are the same but this one is different i thought it had jasmine in it but it turned out to be black orchid and star fruit which is a change from the typical summer scents .

7. random beauty item ?

the only reason there is a random item question is because of this cute mini brush holder by Victoria's secret its so small and cute it hold 4 brushes a face brush an angled blush brush and 2 eyeshadow brushes , i only use the face brush and the blush brush to adjust my makeup throughout the day its very convenient to throw in your purse rather that putting your brushes in your makeup bag than all your makeup gets dirty .

8. favourite summer drink ?

definitely mojitos ! I'm a mojito fanatic love me a mojito all the time anytime , i even started making my own at home and they all turned out pretty good .

                                                fruit infusion at Markette - the Dubai mall

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Manolo Blahnik Makes Up Backstories for His Shoes ??

fact about shoe master  Manolo Blahnik is that he lives with tens of thousands pair of shoes , and refers to them as "members of an extended sexy family." But it looks like his adorable level of mania is approaching certifiably-bonkers territory. While sketching design ideas, the maestro tells Colin McDowell from the Business of Fashion:
She is from Dar es Salaam and she has left her husband who beats her, and is now on the way to the station where she will get onto the train that will bring her to her lover’s arms and freedom.
He really knows how to paint a picture. Of a wedge heel, he says,
This is for a woman from Rio. So Carmen Miranda! Very passionate, a little vulgar, but always laughing and ready for fun. She loves the raffia roses on the heels. They make her feel free to spend all of her husband’s money … This is borderline Liz Taylor on a bad day … This woman is a little prim — like Edinburgh … This sandal is for a beautiful Italian girl …

stories or no stories a Manolo Blahnik pair of shoes will remain a master piece and a work of art .
                                                           sources: nymag