Thursday, August 23, 2012

haute interview : White Stain "desert collection"

"The desert rocks blazer inspired by the rocks in the desert"
White stain is a brand based in  Dubai by the talented designer Ahmed El Sayed , had a chance to interview him to get more details about the up coming collection " The Desert Collection" 

How do you define the desert collection ?

 This collection is for all the women out there who have a connection to the desert; whether they have lived in places where deserts surround them or have always been intrigued by cultures that evolved around the deserts. The collection is split into three parts; the sand dunes, the desert rocks and the sea that meets the desert. Each part carries unique looks that represent the desert. The sand dunes part is portrayed by long cardigans, which shows the fluidity of the dunes. The desert rocks part is reflected by cropped spiked blazers  with zipper elements to further accentuate the silhouette and adds a hard edge to the looks. The sea part gives off ethereal designs inspired by the waves that meet the sand, whether they are in accentuated shoulders or in loose vests.

What inspired you to design the desert collection ?

 I was born and raised in Doha, Qatar. The desert plays a big part in the GCC culture, which is a culture that is very dear to me. I am also Egyptian by blood, and as we all know Egypt's history mainly lies within the deserts of the country. My clients are mainly from the GCC so this is also a homage to them, for making the brand what it is now. I am trying to give a very modern twist to the GCC culture and its fashion through these designs. I have been asked several times to design looks that represent part of the GCC culture, so this the right time to release a collection like this.

Can you tell us more about fabrics and colors you used in the collection ?

  White is always an essential color that i use in all my collections, the color is used in the blazers for this collection. White goes back to the definition of the brand name; White being the fabric and stain being the accessories on it. Blood red and royal blue are used in cardigans. Salmon and peach are used in vests. I enjoyed using chiffon in this collection to make skirts, the silhouettes allowed us to give a very strong desert look as it represented the fluidity of the sand. Stretch fabric was used in the making of the cardigans, as it takes shape of the customer who is wearing it, and allows the looks to have fluidity to them.

What is your favorite piece from the collection ?

 Every piece of the collection has a very special place in my heart. But i am very much drawn to the Red Blood cardigan, as you will see in the new collection pictures, that its very heavily influenced by the desert as it really shows fluidity in its silhouette which is very much like the sand. It is also a very strong silhouette, so it will make a woman look very powerful wearing it.

When will you launch the desert collection ?

We are currently finishing off custom made orders from our regular clients. I will then be traveling next month to Europe to start gathering inspiration for our next new collection, and so the desert collection is now scheduled to be released around the middle of September.

Where can we find White Stain ?
 Our new collections will be sold online on our website: .

I am absolutely in love with the desert rocks blazer , cant wait to see the entire collection !

Thank you for reading xx

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