Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Chanel jacket

Coco Chanel’s original  tweed jacket was inspired by men jackets it had some very defined details: overcast and topstitched seams for an even surface, a gilt chain weighing down the inside hem of the jacket so as to take the shape of the body of the wearer instead of the other way around, she created it to free women at her time from tight uncomfortable cloths and permit them to move freely while looking chic and feminine.

"Enabling women to move with ease, to not feel like they’re in costume. Not changing attitude or manner, depending on their dress. It’s very difficult. And the human body is always moving."Gabrielle Chanel.
Its a timeless piece that will never be out of style it can be worn with anything , anywhere , at any time !
Chanel wore the same tweed suit all day, changing only the scarves and jewelry for the evening.

sketch by Karl Lagerfeld
When designer  Karl Lagerfeld joined Chanel as the Artistic Director in 1983, he stepped into the shoes of Coco Chanel with ease by following a similar working style of creating for tomorrow while deriving from the past.

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